Perfect Energy Saving Blinds

Maybe the most important type of window covering… recent industry study show that special treated window blinds can achieve the household an astonishing 10% energy saving. Going for thermal lining option in roman blinds for example is an affordable option and still have a great choice of patterns and colours.

14% Premium Energy Saving Roller Blinds

14% Premium Energy Saving Roll..

Premium Energy Saving Roller Blind is made with an open weave that lets in 14% of natural light while filtering out the sun's heat. We have updated th..
Super Value Energy Saving Roller Blinds

Super Value Energy Saving Roll..

Super Value Energy Saving Roller Blind is an extremely durable and versatile shade. These roller shades allow enough light through your window, bathin..
Value Outdoor Solar Roller Blinds

Value Outdoor Solar Roller Bli..

The Value Outdoor Solar Roller is custom made with a sun control fabric that blocks 97% of all harmful UV rays. These blinds are designed to diffuse l..
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